The Grasshopper


Seven things about me…
1. I’m a foodie who’s lost her sense of smell.
2. I’m an artist and I’m a little color blind.
3. A horse which stole my ability to appreciate scents, and I continue to ride, it’s a life long habit.
4. I would eat Thai food every day.
5. I collect and refinish antique furniture.
6. I love old books and have several first editions, including the first English edition of the Never Ending Story.
7. I am a total snob when it comes to beer, chocolate and coffee.


4 thoughts on “The Grasshopper

  1. smiles..thank you…and thanks for sharing a bit about you as well… my mom lost her sense of smell as well a few years ago after she fell and hit the floor hard with her head.. and yeah..i would eat thai food every day as well…hmmm…getting hungry now…smiles

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