An Evening With Our Ancestors

Many people have traditions around Halloween, Samhain and Dia de los Muertos. Aside from getting into costume, attending parties and a little trick or treat; I have another tradition. Every year, I set a place at my table for my ancestors. I set a place for those I love who have passed through the veil. My grandmothers, Meme and Nanny, who I miss dearly and still try to call to share the first snow flake, good news and bad. A place for my grandfather, who I know only through stories but love all the same. All my other ancestors, my beloved long dead, my great grandmothers, my fifth great grandmother Nancy Urinda Furr, and so many others whom I share only the embodied memories of my cells. Something often felt but never touched. This year my ancestors share a place with the ancestors of my beloved.
On this day, I take a break from my everyday, and I celebrate my people, those who nurture me, guide me, inspire me. I honor those that helped grow me into who I am today, and who watch over me still.


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