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I can’t recall the last time I entered a church, save for funerals, weddings, and being curious about the artistic elements or spiritual energy within. Regardless of my feelings on institutionalized religions I had to admit, people have invested serious efforts in making the buildings as grand as possible, ornately decorating not only the insides, but the outsides as well. I have never decided it the massive structures are meant to inspire people or make them feel little outside the gates. Perhaps a bit of both, as if to say, look how beautiful god is, and simultaneously, follow our rules, we can crush you. At any rate, one of the aspects that fascinate me most about churches, cathedrals, mosques and any other place of worship are the doors.
Doorways, like mirrors, are often conceptualized in art and literature as portals into otherness, be it another realm, a new state of being, new roles, the gates of heaven, enlightenment, new possibilities, so on and so forth. In a way the door becomes a liminal sort of space, in that threshold we transform. Maybe it is only for a short while, a change of roles for the day, an hour, or perhaps for a lifetime. Doorways not only provide the opportunities, rather they insist upon them if we are to pass. Thinking about doors in this way, and wondering about the intent in their design, I focused on the doors of the Cathedral of Sevilla.  What do these doors mean to you, do they invoke any reaction at all?


One thought on “Portals

  1. Your words are evocative. To be honest … these particular pictures make me think of beauty drawing you in; steel doors keeping you in. You can never leave …

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