Spain’s first lesbian owned and operated brewery, Cervecera Libre, is making the world a better place one bottle at a time!

Their new project, Brew-Hope, will give 10% of it’s profits from the sale each beer to an organization doing important work in their community.  
Extremadura Entiende, a secular, non-partisan, non-profit organization of lesbian, bi, transgender and transexual women, will receive 10% from the sale of Lagarta Blonde Ale.  Extremadura Entiende has fought for the last seven years to give voice to tthe LGBTQI people in the rural region of Extremadura. They fight for and represent those who are traditionally ignored, repressed and excluded.  

As a small brewery the only way this project will get off the ground is with crowdfunding.  Please check out our project, contribute if you can and share far and wide!
Word of mouth is our only publicity!

Label designed by p.nitas* a feminist artist and activist in Extremadura.

Read more here: Brew-Hope
Cervecera Libre:


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