Traveling Differently

After years of traveling and dedicating myself to experiencing the magic in the details of the world, I have decided to share it with you.  In August of 2015 I began Elsewhere Travel Company, specializing in sharing not only the places I love but also the human experience. Combining the landscape with the cultures and the stories that intertwine the two.

It’s not only about seeing the sights and we are not the typical flag waving tour guides.  We are all anthropologists and archaeologists and we are dedicated not only to showing you the places that will inspire you but giving you an experience unlike any other.

You will find there are only three trips currently listed on our site, as I am not interested in taking tourists on a trip. I want to invite friends to share in the places that I love by experiencing them fully.  It’s for that reason that I am only offering the opportunity to experience places that we know inside and out.

How is that possible?  I’m glad you asked.  After living in Spain and falling completely in love with it’s people, places and cultural treasures I simply couldn’t resist compiling lists of things to share with my stateside friends and family. From there my wife, a Spanish archaeologist, and I have combined our knowledge to offer an in-depth experience of the little traveled places that enchant us. Not convinced?  The trip organizer/leader for Trekking the Sahara is good friend and an anthropologist with over 12 years experience in Morocco who often leads groups on cultural excursions in both the Sahara and the Atlas Mountains. He is delighted to work with us to provide an unforgettable experience that combines the immense landscape with cultural complexities.

Places can be beautiful, but we know that it is the human element that truly brings the world into focus and gives life its texture. Come along with us and let us show you the world like you’ve never seen it before.

Learn more at Elsewhere Travel Company and keep up with our adventures on Facebook at Elsewhere Travel Co.

Walking the Sahara

In the midst of the Sahara


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